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I've stopped using social media (again) for the most part. I didn't like reaching for my phone just to fill time or not knowing why I grabbed it. Here's an outtake from my France bike trip that I liked — the Civaux nuclear reactor. It's, uh, gigantic in person. #nuclearpowerplant #franceI started this trip to get out of my head. Remote work has been a blessing for flexibility but it’s often hard for me to leave work. Burnout also seems to set in faster. I’ve always worked through “funks” physically and what better way than to do it in France?

I think travel is different for everyone. I intentionally don’t seek out tourist spots, but rather just enjoy living my life as I would in the US in France. When the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of France become the backdrop of my day-to-day — that is the experience for me. 

The pictured trees are a part of that experience. Nothing special,  I had just crossed a bridge, looked to my right and thought, “France is really good at composition.”

#france #france🇫🇷 #superfrance #repitition #tree #trees #bikepacking #lascandiberique #travelphotography #photography #canonA quick pass through Tours. Legs are still holding up doing 40-50 miles per day. Wrists, though, are unhappy with my life choices. I’ve made some adjustments but nothing that could fix touring on a road bike. 

#toursfrance #tours #portraitphotography #sunset #france #cathedral

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