I'm a software engineer living in the United States. Previously, I lived and worked in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in the Southwestern Virginia / Eastern Tennessee area. I attended Berea College in the town of Berea, Kentucky where I studied Computer Science.


First computer?

I can still remember my family thinking about buying a computer. We eventually purchased one of the Tandy 1000 models from RadioShack, which I believe was a Tandy 1000-RSX because it came with Windows 3.1 installed.


vim is my choice when ssh'ing but prefer vscode when working locally. I want to like vim for everything, but the ease and speed of development in vscode keeps me there.

Favorite programming language?

This is sort of a toss up. I enjoy different languages for different things. I enjoy JavaScript / Typescript because it's the language I've become most comfortable in over the past decade.

I enjoy Ruby because of how it's focused on developer happiness and also the culture of craftsmanship / testing that grew arond the Ruby on Rails community.

Go has become my most recent foray in learning new programming languages. Most people will say Go's concurrency model is their favorite aspect of the language, but I actually appreciate their approach to errors the most which does take some getting used to.

One day, I intend to revisit the languages that I once used daily (C#, Visual Baic.NET, and C++) to see if there's anything that my younger self overlooked.


Tough one! In Japan, Udon. In America, burritos.




Lindy Hop

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